Microphone Kit Supplier with XLR Cable for Podcasting

  • Complete kit: It comes with all the accessories that’re needed for podcasting, recording, etc.
  • Accurate representation: Professional 16mm diaphragm provides accurate representation of sound.
  • Low-noise: Its high SNR means less distortion, and pop filter isolates unwanted noise.
  • High compatibility: It can work with laptops, computers in Mac OS, Windows or Linux.
  • User-friendly: Just plug in the universal 3.5mm cable, and start to play.

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XMK800 professional XLR microphone kit is ideal for anyone who is desired for Youtube podcasting, broadcasting, chatting, audio recording, or singing. You only need to focus on your performance, all your equipment is ready, including XLR condenser microphone, adjustable cantilever stand, table mount clamp, etc from professional microphone supplier.

The condenser microphone diaphragm is 16mm size and capable of recording sound accurately, whereas reducing handling noise, isolating ambient noise, and spits with the help of shock mount, double-layer pop filter, and sponge cap accessories. It features a high signal-to-noise ratio (SNR), delivering crystal sound. And the cardioid polar pattern enables it to capture detailed and rich sound from sound sources in front of the mic.

In addition, it’s designed friendly by experienced microphone supplier to users, even beginners. Just plug the 3.5mm cable in laptops or computers after all parts assembled, then start your performance. It’s compatible with all operating systems including Mac OS, Windows, and Linux.

The XMK800 microphone kit is praised for its wonderful performance and reasonable price, definitely a cost-effective kit for all kinds of applications.


    (Send inquiry for quotation, FREE samples and catalogue, etc)

    • Podcasting Condenser Microphone kit Bm-800
    • Microphone set XLR

    Model: XMK800
    Microphone core: Dia. 16mm
    Polar pattern: Cardioid
    Frequency response: 100Hz-18000Hz
    Sensitivity: – 42 ± 3dB (0dB = 1V / Pa, 1KHz)
    Output impedance: low impedance (<680Ω)
    Maximum input sound pressure level: 125dB
    Signal to noise ratio: >70dB

    In the Box
    1 x XLR condenser microphone
    1 x mounting clamp
    1 x scissor arm stand
    1 x shock mount
    1 x pop filter
    1 x sponge cap
    1 x XLR to 3.5mm Cable
    1 x manual instruction

    Packing details
    Package dimension: 49 x 21 x 6 cm
    Quantity per carton: 10 pcs
    Carton dimension: 43.5 x 40.5 x 50 cm
    Carton weight: 15 kg

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      • SWOPOR
        SWOPOR says:

        Hi Knamer, Nice to hear from you. We can offer free samples of the microphone kit for our potential B2B clients.
        If you want to apply for it, please send a detailed email to info@swopor.com. Thank you.

          • SWOPOR
            SWOPOR says:

            Hello Nilam, we are running a business. We can send microphone samples to our clients who may want to cooperate, and want to buy our products in bulk. Or send to someone who has many fans and can promote our products.

    1. lllllllllll||||||llllll
      lllllllllll||||||llllll says:

      i got an ad for this stuff and i thought it was cool but like you cant buy it ??? why not just let me pay for a product rather than apply for a chance to get it? like wtf

      • SWOPOR
        SWOPOR says:

        Hello Stephen, Thanks for your interest, and sorry for the inconvenience.
        We supposed to help B2B clients who want to purchase in bulk and print their logo/brand on the product, so we did not prepare any stock. Now a growing number of B2C buyers are interested in our products, so we are preparing product stock with our brand, and launching a retail store for you to order directly. The estimated ready time will be in one week. Thanks!

      • SWOPOR
        SWOPOR says:

        Hello Norliza,

        Retail price is now about USD$49/set, including microphone and all accessories, as well as shipping cost. We are launching a retail store. Will keep you updated. Thanks.

    2. norliza mohamed ali
      norliza mohamed ali says:

      can u make a video for this sound quality. it all matter. u should make video of the sound quality. can i order this and if i dont like the sound quality since u never make any test video can i send back?

      • SWOPOR
        SWOPOR says:

        Hello Norliza, you are interested in the sound test file of this XMK800 model, right? We can send it to your email address. Thanks

      • SWOPOR
        SWOPOR says:

        Hello Febrianti, you mean launching a retail store? It will be ready later this week. Goods are almost in stock. Thanks for interest!

    3. XMC EDU
      XMC EDU says:

      Im a huge fan already, man. Youve done a brilliant job making sure that people understand where youre arrival from. And let me tell you, I get it. huge stuff and I cant wait to read more of your information sites. What youve got to say is important and needs to be check out.


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