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We are audiophiles devoted to supplying best-selected audio and peripheral products at affordable prices. As one-stop”Affordable Pro Audio” supplier, SWOPOR is a brand specialized in offering superior choice of microphone and microphone accessories, as well as headphones, speaker, amplifier, and other audio accessories, for podcasting, recording, gaming, music, call center, meeting room, and outdoor, etc.

All are market-tested and cost-effective audio related products proudly made in China, thanks to our years of well-experienced industry knowledge and highly optimized supply chain. Moreover, our skilled team is capable of providing fully customized OEM & ODM solutions based on your unique demands, specially for easily building your premium audio brand.

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All-in-one sourcing service

Our name “SWOPOR“, is derived from the word “swapper”, which means trader. The essential of trade is to swop or exchange efficiency and value, which is outsourcing disadvantaged work to another company that is more professional in the work while focusing on your own advantageous work.

More specifically, you, as an audio brand or distributor, outsource your purchasing demand to supply chain management service experts like us. Then you only need to commit yourself to marketing, concentrate on better serving your clients, and go beyond your competitors who try to be dominant in all fields on their own.

With our valuable all-in-one sourcing service, a much more highly efficient and win-win business world created. It’s the beauty of trade and the meaning of SWOPOR.

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