1. About SWOPOR

As a one-stop “Affordable Pro branding sourcing” supplier, SWOPOR is a supply chain management company devoted to offering the best-selected affordable pro products and all-in-one solutions for your brand.

Our name “SWOPOR“, is derived from the word “swapper”, which means trader. The essential of trade and business is to swop or exchange value, which means to outsource disadvantaged work to another company that is more professional and efficient in the work while focusing on your own advantageous work. The icon is inspired by the shape of a “swan”.

Specializing in a meticulously selected array of market-tested, affordable pro products, we bring the finest offerings proudly made in China to your country. Our deep-rooted industry experience, coupled with a highly optimized supply chain, ensures that every product we deliver meets the highest standards of quality and affordability.

At the heart of our innovative approach is a commitment to providing fully tailored OEM & ODM solutions. Our dynamic and creative team is adept at translating your unique brand requirements into reality, empowering you to build your affordable pro brand with ease and precision.

This philosophy underpins our service model, enabling you as a brand or distributor to entrust your sourcing needs to us, while you dedicate your resources to marketing, sales, and unparalleled customer service. In doing so, you can confidently outshine competitors who spread their resources thin trying to master all trades.

Our mission extends beyond sourcing; it’s about forging a more efficient, mutually beneficial business ecosystem. With our diverse sourcing and branding solutions, SWOPOR is devoted to shaping a world where trade is not just a transaction, but a meaningful exchange that enhances value for all parties involved. This is the essence of trade, the spirit of collaboration, and the very purpose of SWOPOR.

2. Our Journey of Growth and Innovation

3. Meet Our Team

1) SWOPOR team core leaders



Sales Director

(strategic growth, VIP clients, team build )

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“I, the best of me. Let’s meet at the peak”



Sales Executive

(new clients, order fulfillment, services)

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"Be friend of time"



Marketing Director

(marketing, branding, team support)

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"Just do one thing, make it the best.”



Supply chain specialist

(product development, supply chain optimization, quality control)

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"Work hard, play hard"

2) Letter from SWOPOR team

Dear Valued Clients,

Greetings from the SWOPOR team – a collective of vibrant and driven individuals united by a singular passion: to fulfill your sourcing demands. The encouragement and recognition we receive from you not only add profound meaning to our work but also fuel our commitment to push boundaries and grow stronger. Holding client satisfaction close to our hearts, we are reminded daily of the purpose that drives us.

In our journey, we have engaged with a multitude of factories and brands across China, encountering sales teams that often fall short in communication and service. Many fail to listen, neglect inquiries, and lag in responsiveness, all the while neglecting their commitments. It’s disheartening to see a focus on high MOQs, profits, and sales figures, with some even going as far as undermining their clients’ efforts by directly competing in the retail market, thereby destabilizing the market foundation painstakingly built by their clients.

Additionally, we’ve observed suppliers shirking responsibility for issues arising, offering unsatisfactory solutions, or demanding unreasonably high prices for quality improvements. This approach to business is alien to us and not something we endorse or practice.

Discovering factories that align with our and customers’ business ethos and commitment to mutual success has been challenging, yet it remains crucial for achieving the branding objectives you’ve set. This understanding forms the cornerstone of our mission at SWOPOR: to be the accelerator in the creation and acceleration of successful brands, making the process smoother and more accessible for you. We acknowledge the road ahead is long and filled with challenges, but we are buoyed by our perseverance and the relentless drive to excel.

We extend an invitation to join us on this journey – not just as clients but as partners and friends. Together, we can stay true to our shared mission, navigate this significant journey, and achieve a future that shines even brighter.

With heartfelt sincerity,